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Our Story

The many hues of silver that can be seen in the glimmering of a lake, the sunshine on snow or the brightness of mist have been a source of wealth for Northern people. It has never been measured in money, however, but in memories and emotions. Many men and women have found their bravery which has made them want to turn that natural silver shine into the glittering of gold. It has been sought for in the salty soil, the spring horizon and the traditional risku-pendant of a daughter of Enontekiö on a day of festivities. For some, gold has cleverly hidden behind a wink or in the embrace of a rocky fell, never to be found by those who long for it. We have found our own piece of gold in the center of Helsinki, among people and the bustle of life. It is genuine, rugged, even a little darkened, and it appears to all seekers in a different way.